JetBlue and TSA, partners in the destruction of America

If it weren't so wrong it'd be funny how the TSA keeps finding new ways to be totalitarian. Via Wendy McElroy [I know what you're thinking; no] comes Raed Jarrar's story about the new depths of the "Airport Gestapo."

Everyone's heard (or experienced) horror stories about TSA/airline stupidity in the name of security. No nail clippers or bottled water, removing your sandals, the third degree for old ladies. Jarrar was actually harassed at JFK by shady officials and a JetBlue employee for—drum roll please—having a t-shirt people found offensive. Not for suspicious behavior, not for having questionable items in his bags, not for threatening anybody. Just wearing a t-shirt.

The worst part of these stories is that they always remind me how hard it is to come back from this state of government-enforced terror. When you give people the power to be tyrants, they don't give it up voluntarily, and conservatives won't let it be taken from them. That leaves the ordinary airline passenger with, oh, zero options. Other than not flying JetBlue, what can we do?

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