The Mom-and-Pop Dating Service

From the NY Times:

For some people parental intervention may seem like an arranged marriage. But for today’s superattentive parents, involved in almost every aspect of their children’s lives, dating is merely one more sphere of influence.

Surprisingly, many adult children don’t seem to mind. In an age of electronic courting, where dating can be reduced to a bleary-eyed scroll through lackluster Web site profiles, some see the appeal of

“If you’re going to give J Date a shot, why not give your mother a shot?” said Leslie Arker, 32, who met her husband, Alex Arker, 33, through their parents (their fathers played golf together) in 2000.

Those in their 20’s and early 30’s are, after all, used to hands-on to-the-rescue parents, and involvement doesn’t end with a college diploma.

“There is a very high appreciation of parents nowadays, which is unusual,” said Helen E. Johnson of Chapel Hill, N.C., an author and a consultant on parent relations to colleges.

Where parents were once feared and distant figures, today they are more like friends to their children, some people who work with families said, and that has led to more open relationships.

Seems to be a common life course among some of my friends: grow up in a supportive home, rebel for rebellion's sake, sow wild oats, figure out the 'rents aren't so bad after all, trust them to hook you up with someone, live happily ever after.

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