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Yesterday I was away from home at the beginning of the World Cup game, so on the way back I tried to find a radion station covering same. Not only was I disappointed to find that the Atlanta market had no English-language coverage (i.e. too small a market), but I was surprised to find so many AM stations in Spanish. Not just World Cup coverage, but radio in general. There are plenty of Spanish-speakers in the Southeast, but they are spread out. Hence, it makes sense to have AM stations in Spanish. I wonder if there are similar instances in other locations. I know New York City has enough Spanish-speakers to have FM stations in Spanish, but what about Chinese stations? What about southern California?

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There are a few Spanish

There are a few Spanish radio stations here in the midwest but they are becoming more common all the time. I think if you are in an area with a high Chinese, Korean, Greek, etc. speaking population, then a radio station that will serve those people should be made available to them.

It is an interesting topic that deserves a closer look. Kathleen

When I was in eastern

When I was in eastern Alabama last year I heard NOTHING but country and rap stations. Very different from out here in Sacramento, with almost zero country, lots of Adult Contemp., rock/alternative, a couple of prominent hip hop/r&b, and of course more than a few spanish stations in FM.

There are 10 FM radio

There are 10 FM radio frequencies with spanish language programming in LA. A couple are duplicates broadcasting on multiple frequencies.

The Houston market is about

The Houston market is about evenly divided between Spanish, Country, and "everything eles." At this point Spanish programming far outweighs rock here. I have no proof, but I think it has to do with the advent of satalite radio and the migration of rock fans to that medium.

With Satillite radio

With Satillite radio becoming cheaper and cheaper will this conversation not become mute very soon? I mean after all radio in the UK used to be rubbish now will digital its far better. There are actually stations catering to heavy rock and metal fans.