Bad Form

The latest intra-blogospheric eruption involves Deb Frisch's implied threats to Jeff Goldstein's 2 year-old son which eventually led to her apparent resignation from a job in the psychology department at the University of Arizona. Over the years I've been a regular blog reader, Frisch has been one of the biggest trolls in the comment sections, popping up on many blogs, though I don't think she ever appeared on this one. She's been particularly critical of the George Mason econoblogosphere against which she often leveled the charge that because there's only one female employed in the department, their economics ideas must be wrong.

Among the bile she posted, the following caught my eye...

... as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me.

...particularly, the last sentence (though the rest of it is obviously outrageous as well). I immediately lose all respect for anyone who dehumanizes their ideological opponents. They're simply not worth the time.

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About as lame as they come,

About as lame as they come, this one:

I used to work in the psychology department at the University of Oregon. When the quacks (=ducks+psychologists) denied me tenure, the only way I could fight it was to allege discrimination on the basis of sex and/or sexual orientation. Although my main nemesis frequently made inappropriate comments regarding these two topics, at the time, I wasn't sure I'd been discriminated against.

Wonderful person.

I've had a morbid

I've had a morbid fascination with Ms. Frisch for about a year or so, ever since I saw her mentioned on Cafe Hayek. I've been expecting to show her up here for a while now. Every month or so I'll do a web search for her and see what she's been up to. Much of what she says is, I think, just for shock value, though some of those recents comment seem to verge on the pathological. Quite an interesting person---obviously intelligent, but alarmingly acerbic, though her insults aren't particularly clever. She and the No Treason bunch exchanged barbs awhile ago.

This situation really couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

I believe she merits kicking when down, and I don't there's any better way to do so than display some of her poetry, available throughout her blog entries:

the pet goat

My favorite book is The Pet Goat
It's the best that has been wrote.

I have read it on a train
In a car and on a plane.
While in England, France and Spain
In the snow and sleet and rain.

I have read it on a boat
I read it while New York was smote.
I played my part as if by rote
Just like when I stole the vote.

I still read it every day
Right before I sit and pray.
After that it's time to play
18 holes! Hip hip hooray!

I think that you will like this book
Go ahead now, take a look!

Scott, What did Catallarchy


What did Catallarchy readers do to deserve such punishment?

Jacob, They disagreed with


They disagreed with me about IUCs, of course.

But nonetheless, I think people might misinterpret the above poem as being purposely bad, so as to mock President Bush. Just to show that the style of that poem is authentically Frischian, I give you her "Ode to Cody."

I wanted to thank you for being my dog
A tad less than a person, much more than a frog.
I wanted to tell you before you must go
How much I adore you, my dog of the snow.

Here's a picture of you on the rock in the yard.
The way you are posed brings a smile to this bard.
And though it is true that you look a bit old
You could be in "playdog" as a centerfold.

I wanted to thank you for being my dog.
A tad more than a cat, much more than a frog.
You're such a fine canine, I hope that you know
I'll love you forever, sweet dog of the snow.

Undeniable proof that Vogons

Undeniable proof that Vogons live among us.

Not sure what point you're

Not sure what point you're making by denying and then suggesting that he's an ass. At any rate, I just wanted to cover my bases.

Limbaugh's also an ass. But an ass I like listening to.

I explained why the label is

I explained why the label is so easy to apply - and by the same token, so vacuous.

Emmanuel Goldstein is an

Emmanuel Goldstein is an enema of the state!

Not sure how Goldstein is an

Not sure how Goldstein is an ass. He's political and he's entertaining. That's about it. Of course, political entertainers may indeed necessarily be asses. Some political entertainers:

Rush Limbaugh
Ann Coulter
Michael Moore
Al Franken

Ass: (American Heritage)

"A vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person."

I really do not know how a successful political entertainer can possibly speak assertively and entertainingly about political opinion without being thought (by the opposition) stupid (because they disagree) and aggressive (because he's assertive and successful so in some sense imposes his views). Silly goes along with stupid. Vanity and self-importance are the easiest charges to make of anyone who speaks (or writes) a lot. Of a speaker, we can say, "he loves to hear himself talk."

All that being said,

All that being said, skimming through the blog, Goldstein seems like an ass himself.

i immeadiatly lose all

i immeadiatly lose all respect for people who advocate the theft of my wealth and hard work via thier proxy, the government. its no different than being robbed at gun point , and believe people who rob others at gunpoint are 'human filth', therefore..........

Are the crimes that Deb

Are the crimes that Deb Frisch advocates in her comments any worse in principle than the crimes that her conservative detractors or liberal supporters advocate every time they set foot in the voting booth?