Turtles Again

An analogy from Neal at Autodogmatic.

Sound familiar? Great minds...

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You can obtain "turtles all

You can obtain "turtles all the way down" by recursion. Just make the last turtle stand on the back of the first. I think voting is an attempt at this. So democracies and democratic republics are an attempt at solving this problem. So ultimately at the root the last turtle may not be standing on anarchy.

I put a more lengthy comment over on Neals blog.

Week of 2006:06:24 aD

Week of 2006:06:24
aD News:autoDogmatic got picked up by Catallarchy yesterday and also by Andy at Choose Liberty. This resulted in the biggest day of traffic yet for the site - 120 or so visitors! The feed subscription is at 23, which is a historical high, as well.Als...