Friendly reminder that\'s totally not a bleg

If any of our readers has any of Ayn Rand's work in .pdf, I hope you know you are legally questionable at best and an outright evil thief at worst (unless, like me, you own hard copies of the works). So please don't email me at rmcelroy at [the name of this blog].net, ok?

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Of course. :smile: I

Of course. :smile: I understand wanting electronically searchable versions, especially when you've already got all the human-O(n) time searchable ones on your bookshelf. For questionable legality ones I'm assuming P2P networks are your friend. For legal, there is a CD of searchable texts with a thorough collection including novels+books and many of her more obscure writings for $64 at I haven't personally used it; I've heard generally very good things about it from several people, though one said its format is a proprietary DRM'ed one rather than PDF/DOC/TXT/etc.

As if we needed _another_

As if we needed _another_ reminder why Eternal Copyrights are an idiotic idea...

Is it okay to buy used

Is it okay to buy used copies of Atlas Shrugged at a second-hand store? :twisted:

Firstly, I find infringing

Firstly, I find infringing upon the copyrights of those who believe in copyrights to be just that much more satisfying.

Secondly, don't most Randians hold that "intellectual property" rights end at death?

Roy, Death + 50 years, you


Death + 50 years, you whim-worshiping Kantian mystic.

I'd better check my

I'd better check my premises.

Wasn't that a Beastie Boys

Wasn't that a Beastie Boys album?