Atlanta Libertarian Blog Meet-Up

Atlanta-area readers: let's meet up. Several Atlanta commenters here are bloggers also, and we've already brought up meeting. So let's do it.

But this isn't exclusively my idea, so I'm not going to just declare a time and place. I'm pretty flexible about both. Let's hash something out in the comments section and I'll post again later with our decision.


  • Bars preferable, somewhere with standing room double preferable.
  • Virginia Highlands has a pretty good central location and selection of venues (like the Dark Horse, for instance).
  • The Vortex is part libertarian-owned, and Smith's Olde Bar is part libertarian-managed. Does that count for anything?
  • Nothing too fancy, if we can manage it.
  • Let's do it on a Saturday. I nominate May 13th or 20th.
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I'll express my radical

I'll express my radical individualism by going along with whatever everyone else decides. :) Pick a time and place and I'll show up. Unless I don't. That happens a lot with me.

You suppose we could get Six Flags to hold a Libertarian Day? Show your copy of The Fountainhead and get a dollar off park admission.

I'll lob in a vote for Dark

I'll lob in a vote for Dark Horse unless anyone would prefer the Brick Store Pub in downtown Decatur or Prince of Whales in midtown. I've never been to Smith's Old Bar so I'm up for that.

I'm just not being helpful.

Okay, I just set up a google group called CatallarchyATL:

The group site link

If you want in, email me at It might make planning this thing a little bit easier.

I'd much prefer May

I'd much prefer May 20th.

Wouldn't Midtown be pretty good as an area? I'll be heading down from Marietta, so off 75/85 works best for me...

I love Vortex more than I

I love Vortex more than I love my soul (my soul isn't nearly as tasty).

But that being said, the Brickstore is a better place for this kind of meeting.

Oh, and I'll be out of town

Oh, and I'll be out of town on the 20th.

Vortex has 97 varieties of

Vortex has 97 varieties of single malt scotch.

I'm a non-blogging Atlanta

I'm a non-blogging Atlanta libertarian so don't quite qualify, but thanks for the suggestions of libertarian owned establishments.

Chris, How's their beer

How's their beer selection? I'm a discerning customer, when I'm not drinking Miller Lite :cool:

Vortex is pretty good as far

Vortex is pretty good as far as beer selection goes. Brick Store has great beer but they don't have cheap beer (PBR, Miller Lite, etc... not that there's anything WRONG with those beers as there certainly isn't). I don't think Vortex is as conducive to this kind of activity though.

Aaron, non-bloggers are

Aaron, non-bloggers are welcome to show up—I hope many do! (Was that unclear?)

All: beer selection doesn't bother me. I can drink PBR.

To make the location selection easier, perhaps we can give approximate locations and see how they average out? Midtown here.

Midtown here, as well. I'll

Midtown here, as well. I'll drink any beer - cheaper the better in most cases. Okay, I might pass on the beast.

I don't live in Atlanta

I don't live in Atlanta anymore, but if I did I'd vote for Manuel's. Yes, its a Democrat hangout but DAMMIT! it's made for debate. And it's not that loud.

Ah. 5/20 sounds good, I

Ah. 5/20 sounds good, I might know a couple others people interested too. Is there any kind of meetup/yahoo/myspace/etc group or mailing list that would make coordindating specifics easier than the blog comments?

Aaron - I set up a listserve

Aaron - I set up a listserve just for that purpose. Email me at and I'll add you to it.

I would just like to

I would just like to encourage anyone who hasn't yet emailed me to join the listserve I've set up as this post is quickly dropping down the list and will surely be off the list come May 13 or May 20. I promise it's not some crazy spam thing ... Andy, Aaron and Brad have all joined already. Get on it!