I\'m not fat, I\'m big-boned

A Senate panel has concluded that FEMA is sorely ill-prepared for a catastrophic event such as Hurricane Katrina were something similar to happen in the future. Their recommendations? To dissolve FEMA.

And replace it with a new and improved "National Preparedness and Response Authority". The NPRA would remain within the Department of Homeland Security and continue to receive funding from it.

Cartman: I'm not FEMA, I'm big-NPRA.
Stan: No, Jay Leno's chin is big-NPRA. You are a big fat FEMA.

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After the Homeland Security

After the Homeland Security idiocy, we're surprised:

"Gee, terrorists launched an attack and we couldn't figure out it was going to happen because our bureaucracy is incompetent, so let's create a whole new super bureaucracy. That will fix the problems!"

I predicted in September that the response would be a new bureaucracy and more money wasted on centralized federal programs, even though Katrina response clearly proved that local, non-government organizations (Wal-Mart, Red Cross, private individuals all performed better than FEMA) would easily out-perform a government bureaucracy. The reason the military, unlike the rest of the government, functions at any reasonable level is because the military has it ingrained in their DNA that decentralized execution works. The rest of the government apparat will never learn it and Congress derives far too much power from creating and funding them to hope that it will ever change.

Agree completely with the

Agree completely with the above.

The King is Dead. Long Live the King (and all his ministers).