Criminals with badges do time!

Finally a Drug War horror story with a happy ending: a bunch of thugs with badges invade a guy's house, beat him up, and threaten him with torture. But because his wife had the foresight to hide an audio recorder, these criminals go to jail!

Not-so-happy conclusion: what makes us think that this kind of thing doesn't happen all the time, all across the country?

Hat tip to Tim Cavanaugh at Hit and Run.

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I have a feeling that the

I have a feeling that the only reason that they were actually sentenced in this case was due to the fact that the whole thing was just too big to cover up.

Ayup. You can bet the cops

Ayup. You can bet the cops learned there lesson here: If they'd had the good sense to find and erase the record like they're supposed to, it would all have been just ducky.

Hehe, the "Watergate" lesson

Hehe, the "Watergate" lesson is always my favorite.

The transcript of the

The transcript of the torture, I mean "interrogation", of Eugene Siler is incredibly disturbing, to say the least. People keep asking me how the War on Drugs is problem for our civil rights. I think I'll just send them that PDF.