Stats and more stats

I can't offer enough thanks to Alex Tabarrok for bringing to my attention the fantastic statistics database that is NationMaster and its new companion site StateMaster. If I ever get any work done again I'll be surprised.


  • Iceland has the highest number of films produced per capita.
  • Brazil has the world's second largest Jehova's Witness population.
  • Maritius has more French-speakers per capita than France has.
  • New Zealand tops the industrialized country list in percentage of people who've used cannabis.

Readers are invited to contribute interesting stats.

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15% of the people in France

15% of the people in France don't speak French?

The average American drinks

The average American drinks 22 gallons of beer annually, but only two gallons of wine.

Testemunhas deJeová

Testemunhas deJeová marcharão sobre Brasília?
Não sei. Mas que o Brasil possui a segunda maior concentração deles, eu acabo de saber. Claudio p.s. O mercado pode ajudar na preservação da biodiversidade....

In 2005, Americans drank

In 2005, Americans drank about 26 gallons of bottled water each. In 1976, they consumed about two gallons each.

Americans are producing more trash than they used to. In 2003 the average American produced about five pounds of trash every day, up from about 3.3 pounds in 1970. C/O Wall Street Journal 4/22/06

Any connection?