Ninjas Of America Beware

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Lesson 1: Don't run across a college campus wearing a ninja mask.

Lesson 2: If you must, don't run past a group of federal law enforcement officers.

Freshman Kathleen Ruark, startled by onrushing ATF agents who took down ninja-clad sophomore Jeremiah Ransom before her eyes, had the presence of mind to snap this cellphone shot.

University of Georgia sophomore Jeremiah Ransom learned both lessons the hard way Tuesday when he sprinted from a ninja-pirate party given by a campus Christian organization to the dining hall wearing a red bandanna across his face.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, attending a conference on campus, spotted the masked student and gave chase.

The Feds obviously don't think ninjas are sooooo sweet that they want to crap their pants.

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these ATF guys definately

these ATF guys definately have real ultimate power. I love them with all my body, and hope one day they will take a skinny dump on my scalp.

In other words, these ATF guys should be punished for this, they are obviously violating this persons rights without any proof that he has done so to others. But we know this will never happen in our lifetime

If he had been a real ninja,

If he had been a real ninja, he would have engaged seppuku before being apprehended. If he had been Chuck Norris, the ATF agents would have just exploded upon looking at him.

Seriously, this kid was just running to the dining hall because he had the ninja munchies. Is that a crime?

The ATF wouldn't have pinned

The ATF wouldn't have pinned Chuck Norris
In bizarre news from my alma mater, University of Georgia sophomore Jeremiah Ransom was pinned down by an ATF officer in plain clothes near Snelling Hall. For those of you who didn't go to UGA, "Snelling" is a dining hall on Georgia's South Campus...

Speaking of Chuck Norris and

Speaking of Chuck Norris and Ninjas:

For a second there I thought

For a second there I thought the red ninja scarf in the picture was ninja blood. Maybe I'm wrong but I wasn't aware that ninjas were so flamoyant. Aren't real ninjas attired in black to avoid detection? Don't they run around at night sans red scarfs? Dressing in a ninja suit in broad daylight as the picture depicts surely is not the stealthy thing to do. Perhaps the Feds can pick up on such clues in the future.

Which brings up a further point ... exactly how many ninja attacks have their been in this country as of late? In other words what is the likelyhood that a person running around in a real ninja suit is actually up to no good vs. the odds that they are actually coming from a costume ball. Especially given this was a college campus in broad daylight. Next they will be taking down short people in pirate costumes on halloween.

Anybody have any statistics on ninja crimes to dispute this view? I'm more than happy to change my mind if their has been a ninja crime spree.