Sticking it to the Guardians

Wired News brings us another interesting story today: "Centralized media is losing its power to dictate public perception" in India. "[T]echnology-empowered individuals" have brought down officials from the ruling party and an opposition party. Moreover,

This gaudy parade of stings and scandals is the most dramatic example of a broader phenomenon. In February, Greece was roiled by the revelation that someone had been listening in on the cell phone conversations of just about everyone in the country's political elite, including the prime minister. In London, an American millionaire socialite was recently fingered in the alleged wiretapping of British law enforcers, business leaders, and celebrities. And it wasn't long ago that Jessica Cutler, a former assistant in the office of US senator Mike DeWine, unrepentantly spilled Capitol Hill sex secrets in her blog.

I for one welcome the new screwing-over of our overlords.

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yes, hopefully people will

yes, hopefully people will make government unworkable. the sooner the better. having them all daffy duck paranoid is great.