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If you are not Aristotelian all the way down, it is no moral crime; but it will cause problems, so train yourself to be one.

-- Ayn Rand

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What problems might those

What problems might those be?

>What problems might those

>What problems might those be?

Constant lectures from sanctimonious Objectivists for one. :twisted:

What problems might those

What problems might those be?

Stop dropping context!

Randall, where did you

Randall, where did you happen to find that quote?

Matt, Non-Aristotelian


Non-Aristotelian belief systems have been known to cause headache, nausea, asthma, ulcer, and a malevolent sense of life.

Matt, Steven beat me to


Steven beat me to it.


The Art of Nonfiction. I was impressed enough by The Romantic Manifesto to see what Rand had to say about nonfiction. It's not quite the same kind of book, but it's interesting anyway.

"All the way down"? Coming

"All the way down"? Coming from Rand, that raises all sorts of unpleasant mental images.

Problems like coming to

Problems like coming to conclusions that Rand doesn't agree with. Then again you can be Aristotelian all the way down and still disagree with Rand.

PS. Kevin - Good one, see your familiar with "Judgement Day".