Not from The Onion:

For 41 hours, Bartels wandered the aisles of a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Windsor Heights that's open 24 hours a day. He checked out shoppers, read magazines, watched movies on the DVD display and played video games.

He bought meals at the in-store Subway sandwich shop, but was able to catch only brief naps in a restroom stall or on lawn chairs in the garden department.

Other shoppers and employees didn't pay much attention until the end of his stay, he said, when it appeared some store greeters began to take notice -- pointing at him and whispering.

A shift manager approached him and asked him if he was finding everything he needed.

"He said, 'Didn't I see you over by the magazines, like, five hours ago?' I told him, 'Maybe,"' Bartels said.

Tiring to the point of hallucinating, Bartels said he decided to go home before he was thrown out.

He considered the project a failure.

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What a wuss. Only 41 hours?

What a wuss. Only 41 hours? Some writer.

There was some god-awful

There was some god-awful chick lit book a few years ago about a divorced woman forced to live in a Wal-Mart. He's certainly not the first person to think of this.

It sounds like the setup for

It sounds like the setup for a shaggy dog story.

[...] started charging him a

[...] started charging him a little bit of rent, they could lower prices even further! Hat Tip: Catallarchy | Trackback

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41 [...]

Another Triumph for

Another Triumph for Wal-Mart
Because I can’t stand overbearing service at stores… It seems that at Wal-Mart, they’ll let you shop in peace. FOR 41 STRAIGHT HOURS!