Starry-Eyed Surprise

First came domination of the econoblogopshere. Now this. It's a sign.

Out of the darkness of galloping, then creeping, socialism, a new dawn beckons. The days of getting 0.6% of the popular vote are over. It will soon be common knowledge that while drugs should be legalized, they will not be required. No longer will we have to explain who this Badnarik guy is, and that while, yes, he wants to blow up the UN building, his other policy prescriptions are entirely reasonable. Really.

The moment libertarians have been waiting for is coming. If everything goes as prophesied, next Monday will bring forth a Golden Age. Orders will spontaneously emerge. The watchmen shall be watched. The awkwardness at dinner parties shall become slightly less awkward.

The anti-Marx has arrived. His name is Larranaga.

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Hey, isn't that referee

Hey, isn't that referee giving the "shocker"?

four people knew what they were doing. or did they?