There\'s always more absurdity with the TSA

If you're not already convinced of the lunacy of the TSA, maybe this will add some fuel to your fire. Gerry Adams is the leader of Sinn Fein, nobody denies it, but to have his name on the terrorist watch list is ridiculous. Giving him and his luggage a "very thorough" search does what for national security? Is he believed to be a risk for suicide bombing?

Not to mention the fact that he was invited to the White House by George W. Bush. If a man is in the US to visit the president, shouldn't the TSA let him pass on to his next stop without any trouble? Bush's confidence means nothing to me, but shouldn't it mean something to all the federal employees under his command?

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why is this so absurd? it

why is this so absurd? it is well known that diplomatic pouches are used to transport illegal materials. what makes you think Gerry Adams is any different? so he was held up for an hour. big deal. why is he coming FROM Ireland TO the US to celebrate an Irish holiday?

Are you seriously suggesting

Are you seriously suggesting that Adams is not a terrorist? What do you think Sinn Fein is, a Christian charity?

:lol:Gerry Adams is not

:lol:Gerry Adams is not going to hijack an aircraft... it benefits neither him nor his cause to do so.

Incidentally, I find myself increasingly agreeing with Maj. Gen. Odom who calls a war on terrorism as silly as a war on flanking movements or pincer attacks.

Yes, searching Mr. Adams

Yes, searching Mr. Adams luggage is ridiculous.

He shouldn't have been allowed into the country to begin with.

You can't add fire to TSA's

You can't add fire to TSA's fuel. They confiscate all lighters unless it's your first time through. But they'll let matches go through, so you might have a chance. It also doesn't help that Indianapolis, Newark, and I'm sure many others don't have areas for people to smoke in behind the check points. St. Louis was the only nice airport I went through Wednesday because they actually had lounges. They're not quite bars, but it beats wasting valuable time that could be spent actually searching terrorists.

I sent a complaint about the hassling of smokers ( the other night on my blog. I wouldn't be surprised if that post of mine is illegal.

Gotta love America. It camp gitmo worse.

Gerry Adams is not going to

Gerry Adams is not going to hijack an aircraft… it benefits neither him nor his cause to do so.

whose cause does it benefit to hijack aircrafts? why do they still do it? Why is the IRA any different?