Pong Craze Sweeps America

Catching up on reading after my self-imposed six week exile from the blog, here are a few things that caught my eye. These are probably old news for most of you, but just in case...

An Arab-American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan went on Al-Jazeera and boldly criticized mullahs and clerics in the Arab language. She has since received numerous death threats.

There's an article in Wired about how the Swedish torrent-tracker The Pirate Bay has survived the MPAA's fight against online file-sharing. Keep in mind that the latest statistics say that torrent traffic accounts for the use of about a third of all internet bandwidth. It's another illustration of how one rebellious jurisdiction is all that's needed to ruin the hopes of pan-national legal harmonization.

The Dubai deal nixing was a bad move. The Middle East needs a change of culture, and trade is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Since Dubai is one of the most liberal places in the Middle East, the US government has sent the message that liberalism will get you nowhere.

Julian Sanchez had a nice piece on something I found to be a contradiction in the fervent support for the Iraq War among conservatives. Don't conservatives generally criticize left-liberals for not being skeptical enough of government actions that are so discontinuous, ambitious, and prone to unintended consequences?

Ron Moore went all J. J. Abrams on us and likely ruined the best show on television. There was simply no need.

For anyone that has tried to email me over the past 6 weeks, I'm going to try to answer it soon.

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"Ron Moore went all J. J.

"Ron Moore went all J. J. Abrams on us and likely ruined the best show on television. There was simply no need."


First, BSG is not the best show on television. :) It's in the top five, but The Wire and The Sopranos are significantly better.

Second, give Ron a chance here. He's got three months to come up with some good storylines. Obviously he's taking the show to into really uncharted territory, but there's no reason he can't make it just as compelling as before.

Moore as JJ Abrams? HARSH

Moore as JJ Abrams? HARSH dude... JJ is a hack. Moore at least thinks about his drama vs. "woah, wouldn't that be cool??", ala throwing crap at a wall and seeing what sticks.

(----------------------------spoiler alerts---------------------------)

I see the Exodus similarities. This is the people turning their backs on Moses/ RoslinAdama and settling down around the Golden Calf (Baltar). This, predictably, has not ended well for the Israelites/Kobolites.

Big difference between this and Alias'- Alias' 3rd season was boring and all of the interesting things happened in flashback. In this case, all of the "boring" stuff happened beforehand and there is no mystery about what happened and where and why (though, vexingly enough, the characterization is all over the map again).

Secondly, there is the story opportunity now to explore "is it better to live well as slaves or horribly as free people?", as it seems somewhat obvious that the Cylons are now going to "hug them and squeeze them and call them George", presumably giving them nice places to live (relative to tent squalor), building some sort of infrastructure for them and otherwise letting them live as pampered pets; how many of them are going to look at that and say "this isn't that bad", and find that serving their robotic lords beats the alternative...

And secondly, it may prompt the Adamas to actually get serious about getting to Earth, so we may see some progress on that line; the "rag tag fugitive fleet" of yore is now of reality, as the battlestars have less than 5000 people between them and the remaining orbital ships; just getting things to *work* at all with so few people will be hell. They can't muster a CAP, they can barely fly a squadron; the ships aren't functional Spacecraft Carriers, they're just Battlecruisers (with low readiness, to boot). THey can't assault the Gilded Cage, so what do they do?

I think those are very interesting questions and, like Farscape Season 3, we're going to have a lot of split story telling, and with any luck it will be as strong as Farscape Season 3, which was IMHO the best season.