Wieder und wieder, der Ausfall der Bürokratie

Interesting read from Der Spiegel International about Germany's loss of doctors to less restrictive health markets.

German doctors are packing their scalpels and seeking their fortunes abroad, lured by the prospect of far higher pay and driven away by stifling bureaucracy in their country's health service.
Fröhling has been working in England for over a year, he's one of 2,600 German doctors in Britain who escaped from the woes of their country's health service to greener pastures. Away from Germany, the land of bad pay, long working hours, all-encroaching bureaucracy and rigid organization.

While I don't have an insider's perspective on the hospital life (and didn't have time to run it by Wilde and McBride) I can say that the article meshes with everything else I know about bureaucracy and economics. The article is a must-read.

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I had the misfortune of

I had the misfortune of being subject to German medicine while I was studying abroad there for a year. I say misfortune not because the care was poor but because I had a really terrible ear ache. I mean really bad.

Anyway, for what it's worth, the treatment I received from this generalist in Germany was better than any I had received from any specialist in the States.

. . . Owing, I believe, to the totally fearless way in which he prescribed me pain killers that I have to practically beg for over here (and usually still won't get until I've suffered for days and returned to the doctor in agony.)

I'm guessing that I got the drugs much faster there because there's less regulation (or less risk of civil liability) for their doctors when they prescribe the hard stuff (read: the good stuff.)

* * *

I don't dispute that their bureaucratic system is seriously ailing, mind you. I just thought I'd add this anecdote to say . . . well, that things really blow here too.

They escaped medical

They escaped medical bureaucracy by moving to Britain? Hahahahaha

- Josh

Was the headline

Was the headline auto-translated? If I'm not mistaken, the "wieder und wieder" should be "immer wieder" if you want to say "again and again"

//german grammar nazi. (the best kind of german nazi!)

I was under the impression

I was under the impression that the English system was also a nightmarish bureaucracy?.. I keep hearing about it that way from thefolks over at samizdata.

As to the German, I think

As to the German, I think that "wieder and wieder" is actually okay here. It's true that English speakers sometimes translate the phrase "again and again" that way, and I think you're right that this usually isn't perfect idiomatic German.

But I think that I've heard Germans say "wieder und wieder" before (or maybe they say "immer wieder und wieder" - I've thought about it too hard now for either one to sound natural). Perhaps for emphasis. More in the sense of "time and time again."