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The wonder of the Internets is that Utopia is created in front of our eyes slowly enough that people don't appreciate it nor even notice it. It's the boiling frog in reverse. The concept known as "friendship" takes on a whole new, expanded subset of properties compared to when I first went "online" way back in 1993.

Brandon and Scott - I love you guys!

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Drunk blogging, I see. :)

Drunk blogging, I see. :)

Dude, gay. We love you

Dude, gay.

We love you too, buddy.

This is so beautiful.

This is so beautiful.

Gratuitous Co-Blogger

Gratuitous Co-Blogger Jealousy: Where's my love, dude?

manlovearchy omg lol - Josh

manlovearchy omg lol

- Josh