Samuel Alito: Big Government Republican

According to George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley:

Despite my agreement with Alito on many issues, I believe that he would be a dangerous addition to the court in already dangerous times for our constitutional system. Alito's cases reveal an almost reflexive vote in favor of government, a preference based not on some overriding principle but an overriding party.

In my years as an academic and a litigator, I have rarely seen the equal of Alito's bias in favor of the government. To put it bluntly, when it comes to reviewing government abuse, Samuel Alito is an empty robe. [...]

This country is facing one of the most serious constitutional crises in its history. President Bush has claimed virtually absolute authority to act in contradiction of federal and international law. In the recently disclosed National Security Agency operation, he has claimed the right to order surveillance that may be a crime under federal law. Last week, it was disclosed that when Bush signed a prohibition on torture he had long opposed, he reserved the right to violate it if he deemed it in the nation's interests.

The Framers gave our nation three branches in a system of checks and balances to prevent the concentration of power. The Republican-controlled Congress has remained largely passive in the face of these extreme assertions of power, leaving only the judicial branch as a check. Over the past five years, many federal judges — including Republican appointees — have stood against some of the president's most extreme actions.

We are down to our last branch, and Alito would supply the final vote to shift the balance of power toward a president claiming the powers of a maximum leader.

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All hail Emperor Bush! He's

All hail Emperor Bush! He's only got two years to cancel, postpone, or pervert the election, so those legislators had better hurry up and confirm Alito!

Alito "_Takes the Fifth_,"

Alito "_Takes the Fifth_," like all other *_guilty criminals_* who testify under oath, by providing more non-self-incriminating, non-answer-answers!

Interesting that he was so well informed on myriads of case law examples that he didn't need *any* notes (None!)... yet, conveniently, he simultaneously could NOT recall much of *anything* on his affiliations, experiences, communications with or major news reports about C.A.P.!

If CAP was so uneventful or unremarkable and if he didn't even actively participate with them, then why list it on his resume? Isn't that *_resume fraud_*?!

How many other groups has Alito ignorantly joined without *e-v-e-r* investigating what their FULL '_charter_' is, without ever attending any of their meetings, or without reading any of their communications/propaganda?

Are these wise well-informed choices for an intelligent aspiring attorney? Of someone _deserving_ of sitting on the Supreme Court?!?

Is Alito guilty of the same "*_uninformed ignorance_*" when he joined the Republican party???

If so, no wonder they love him so much, eh?!! Alito *_would_* serve well with our President, *Gee-Duh-Be-Ya*!!! :smile:

Here's the rub. I still

Here's the rub. I still want him to get the confirmation because, gosh, rationality to the side, I really hate liberals. I'd rather see another Thomas get nominated, sure: one of the great delights of the hearings has been watching Schumer gnash his teeth about Clarence's jurisprudence. But I'm prefectly happy to get somebody else---big government conservative though he appears to be---so long as he'll make hippies cry.

Incidentally, my feelings on the matter are a pretty good illustration of what's wrong with democracy.