Bumper sticker humbug

I've blogged before about bumper stickers that bugged me, and here's another one to add to the list: "Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?"

Killing people is not wrong per se. It can be wrong or it can be justified. Murdering people is wrong.

That's not to make a comment either way about the death penalty. That's another topic.

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How about the "How did our

How about the "How did our oil get under their sand?" bumper sticker?

I just didn't expect to see it on an SUV with a yellow ribbon, and W'04 stickers. It was meant to be sarcastic, right? I thought for a second he might not realize it was on the vehicle until we came to a stop and I could read the Pro-life!? sticker on the rear window. Something like "An abortion is just another reason to F***'em". Or maybe it was "her", I really didn't want to be caught looking.:lipssealed:

I suppose and he could support the pro-death "Eat your mistakes!" party, so count your blessings. I can guess which 60% of the Milgram experiment the guy falls into.

p.s. I'm driving a '93 Jeep Gran Cherokee to work so I don't get the conservation award or anything.