Happy Annual Winterfest

It's that time of year again - the battle of the "true" meaning of Christmas has begun.

Increasingly absent are store signs saying "Merry Christmas." Instead, display signs, as well as newspaper and television ads, say "Happy Holidays" and talk about "Holiday Gifts" or "Beat the holiday rush."

And while they trudge from store to store in the mall, buyers are now listening to "Holiday Carols."

The move away from labelling December events as Christmas or Hanukkah or similar religious-based events is not limited to shopping.

For example, in Durham Region, some schools hold "Winterfest" rather than "Christmas" festivities.

Of course, I prefer "Happy Festivus". Commence the Airing of Grievances!

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Well I support "Merry

Well I support "Merry Christmas". Obviously we need to institute a centralized state to enforce this on everyone, otherwise there'd just be chaos.

I tried reminding christians

I tried reminding christians that they stole the dates of pagan holidays for their religious dates in the first place, so they have no right to complain now about what we call christmas/channukah/solstice season. For some reason it didn't take...

Which is dumber... refusing

Which is dumber... refusing to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree, or acting like that refusal is an act of religious oppression as brutal as the Spanish Inquisition?

Definitely not calling a

Definitely not calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.

No way, its all about "Yo,

No way, its all about "Yo, Saturnalia!"

I find tinsel distracting.

I find tinsel distracting.

i love cake.

i love cake.

"That group is threatening

"That group is threatening to sue any city or public school that attempts to secularize Christmas, or spreads what it deems to be misinformation about how Christmas can be celebrated by cities and schools."

Because really, isn't litigation what Christmas is all about?

"If there's one thing Jesus

"If there's one thing Jesus cared about, it's semantics." --Stephen Colbert

All non- inclusive, non-

All non- inclusive, non- generic holidays or symbols there of should be eliminated, or at least stricken from public stores,and public supported institutions such as schools, public buildings and public streets. This includes Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day and
MLK Day. Someone might be offended.

I am a christian, but since

I am a christian, but since im also a libertarian, I couldn't rightfully say that these pc friendly christmas displays should be banned. The private businesses have a right to say as they please. What gets me about the whole thing is that it stems primarily from statist roots. The whole modern pc culture is a self enforcing system that originated with government encouragement and blessing, and is now often enforced by government regulations. Thats what irks my ass about it.

on a side not happy holidays is just as religious an intonation as merry christmas. Think about it, holy days = holidays... in your face pc crowd!

(somewhat tongue in cheek

(somewhat tongue in cheek screed below)

IMO, if you're a Christian of the western tradition (especially American), you should say Merry Christmas for the Christmas season. I file that under 'duh'. If you're a wuss and/or hypersensitive to the sensibilities of the hypersensitive, say "Happy Holidays". But no one should utter the pusillanimous and aesthetic atrocity which is "season's greetings"- how milquetoast must one be to utter such a worthless, content-free non-greeting? You're essentially saying to the other person "greet yourself with whatever is appropriate". Well screw you ya lazy bastard, have some balls and take a stand one way or the other rather than making other people do your greeting work for you.