Like, OMG, we\'re SO over the whole steroids thing!


Calling the Bowl Championship Series "deeply flawed," the chairman of a congressional committee has called a hearing on the controversial system used to determine college football's national champion.

A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, charged with regulating America's sports industry, announced Friday it will conduct a hearing on the BCS next week, after this season's bowl matchups are determined.

"College football is not just an exhilarating sport, but a billion-dollar business that Congress cannot ignore," said committee Chairman Joe Barton, a Texas Republican. Barton's panel is separate from the House Government Reform panel that tackled steroids in baseball.

The committee announcement called the hearing, scheduled for next Wednesday, a "comprehensive review" of the BCS and postseason college football.

"Too often college football ends in sniping and controversy, rather than winners and losers," Barton said. "The current system of determining who's No. 1 appears deeply flawed."

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Given that college football

Given that college football will never have a real playoff/tournament system, it is impossible to expect that any system will operate like a pure meritocracy. The BCS is fine, even though it's flawed. The bottom line is that college football, as a "billion-dollar business", is doing right by gaining as much as possible from their business. One might even make the argument that the continuing controversy surrounding the BCS helps to promote that billion dollar business.

But you're right, the government got their foot in the door with some sort of monopoly-exempt exemption on baseball. The jig is up...the government owns sports.

Another way to look at this

Another way to look at this is the more the government gets involved in sports, the less time they have for extracting the fruits of others’ labor, confiscating property, invading sovereign nations, or waging war on wealth creating-discount stores where people freely choose to work and shop. So why stop at steroids and the BCS? Let’s have congressional committees look into the NBA dress code, the designated hitter, NASCAR’s point system, hole lengths at Augusta, and whether Tony Dungy should play Peyton Manning if Indy has a shot at an undefeated season. After all, those sports are billion-dollar industries too.

This is small

This is small government?
It's halftime of the ACC Championship Game, with Virginia Tech and Florida State tied 3-3. I'd hoped that the universe would align for a perfect day, which would've included a Virginia Tech win and losses by USC, Texas, and LSU....

Well, thank God #2 In the

Well, thank God #2
In the latest news from the world’s greatest deliberative bodies (thanks to Catallarchy 2005-12-02), Texas Republican Joe Barton has continued his diligent work to promote...