It's kind of spooky when you know your co-bloggers so well that you recognize their writing style from semi-anonymous comments on various other blogs.

Ten bucks says the post at November 18, 2005 03:14 AM is a Scheuleism.

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I'll take that bet.

I'll take that bet.

I knew I shouldn't have

I knew I shouldn't have offered to bet with Catallarchists...

Come on, guys! What odds is

Come on, guys! What odds is the bet at? The rest of us are waiting to see the results of your prediction market. :)

Sorry gentlemen. I don't

Sorry gentlemen. I don't deny I'd make a comment like that but when I comment on intellectuals' blogs, as opposed to this one, I try to make more substantial remarks.

I didn't recognize it;

I didn't recognize it; Scott's ironic comments tend to be far more wacky than that.