Celebrity Wisdom, Really

Last week's issue of Time had a short Q&A with John Malkovich.

Why don't you vote?

I retired in 1992. Politics is not really my thing. One side says, "The tree is sick, and all it needs is proper water and food and it will get healthy." The other side says, "The tree is sick. Cut it down." If it's not my tree I have a tendency to butt out.

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According to this site,

According to this site, Malkovich is an apolitical, pro-gun-control libertarian: http://www.allstarz.org/~malkovich/scot.html

"As long as the roots are

"As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden."
--Chance the Gardner:smile:

Oh my God, is it really you?

Oh my God, is it really you?

In the flesh, Clara.

In the flesh, Clara.

Christopher Walken and John

Christopher Walken and John Malkovich, my two favourite weirdo actors and both aggressively apolitical. Excellent.