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I wrote a few weeks ago about the crazy bootlegs a friend of mine brought back from China. Today I finally gave Episode III a look-see, and I'm glad I did. For some reason there are English-language subtitles, and of course the translations are awful. But they're not entirely random.

Anakin becomes Gold. Nothing too special there. But then the Sith are the West, and Obi-Wan is Europe. Maybe they were just being jolly, but I doubt it.

It's not all sideways political commentary. The Jedi are "hopeless situation warriors," which makes sense. What also makes sense—and is hilarious—is the Jedi Council becoming the "hopeless situation Presbyterian Church."

And in a display of that famous Chinese racial sensitivity, Wookie becomes black person.

P.S. As I write this, I'm downloading Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" documentary series. I've never seen it before, but I've heard good things. I'm looking forward to it.

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Stephan: I'm getting it from

Stephan: I'm getting it from a newsgroup. There are a variety of ways to get at it, but it may not be archived anymore.

RTL: It is ten episodes, each just shy of an hour. I assume it's the original (from 1980).

LK: Classic. Thanks for the link.

Some examples from Episode

Some examples from Episode III. "The Backstroke of the West" subtitles can be found here:

Also, is it the original

Also, is it the original long series that aired in the 70s (I remember watching in high school) (I mean that it was during my high school years that I watched it, not that it was shown in high school), or the shortened version that was later shown on video?

Hey Randall, where could I

Hey Randall, where could I get this "Free to Choose" series? You say you're downloading it, I would love to know where from and whether its free or not. Thanks

I'll second the

I'll second the recommendation, for what it's worth.

Is this "Free to Choose"

Is this "Free to Choose" dubbed in Chinese with subtitles badly translated back into English?

I saw parts of "Free to Choose" back in my high school economics class (taught by Larry Schweikart, now prof. of history at the Univ. of Dayton). My interest in that class led me to participate in J. Storrs Hall's ("JoSH") Poli-Sci ARPAnet mailing list, and it was JoSH ( who suggested I read a book called _The Machinery of Freedom_...