From a Silicon Insider article by Michael Malone:

That's why we in the tech industry have become very attuned to the doubling curve. Whenever and wherever it pops up, we pay a lot of attention. And now, here it is, not surprisingly, characterizing the blogosphere. After all, the world of blogs has gotten a lot of early-PC and early attention over the last year, becoming one of those hot terms that everyone is using, and the tech playground towards which all of the usual early adapters have raced. It has also had some big early victories (pulling down Dan Rather, stealing readers from newspapers and television, setting much of the debate in the last presidential election), and it is beginning to show some of the early signs of consolidation (TechCentral Station, Pajama Media), the creation of larger and better-funded enterprises (Dan Gillmor's Bayosphere), industry organizations and conferences, and a growing support infrastructure (from search engines like Technorati, to free blogging services from the likes of AOL and MSN).

(emphasis mine)

This is what I think is the biggest recent change and current trend in the blogosphere: consolidation. Blog communities, maturation of tracking services like Technorati and Blogpulse, partnerships for advertisement, Gawker media, increased use of newsreaders to aggregate content, nonblog sites offering reader journal-blogs, etc.

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