Bring Back the Breakfast Drink!

I love Jeffrey Tucker:

A final note on a frequent objection: morning drinking diminishes one's productivity during the day. This is true, of course, but particularly for adults who process liquor more slowly. This underscores a point that cannot be emphasized enough: like smoking, morning drinking is particularly suited for the young, meaning under the age of 25. Their systems are robust and can handle it better. Don't waste your youth: it is up to you to bring back the breakfast drink!

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Breakfast drinks are A-OK

Breakfast drinks are A-OK with me. I just had two cups of skim milk with Alba shake mix, dark chocolate, four tablespoons of chocolate syrup and two of ground flax seeds, all mixed up in a blender with a dash of real vanilla. Really hit the spot after that one-hour run.

I vote for the mimosa.

I vote for the mimosa.

Lest there be any doubt why

Lest there be any doubt why the North won...

- Josh