Far Out, Man: A Natural Solution To the Middle East Conflict

CNSNews reports:

In a sideshow on Sunday outside a previously abandoned hotel in Gush Katif, which was recently reoccupied by settlers, activists from the Green Leaf Party urged Jewish settlers to use cannabis during the evacuation of the Gaza Strip, scheduled to begin in August.

The Green Leaf Party, which won 1.2 percent of the vote in the last national elections (not enough for admittance to the Knesset) is promoting the legalization of marijuana.

Members of the Green Leaf Party said in a statement that they were visiting the settlements in Gaza to "present a proposal to reduce violence and friction" during the disengagement...

"It is therefore our strong belief that the legal adviser to the government...should issue a temporary order and instruct the police not to enforce the prohibition of personal consumption of cannabis among the settlers during the disagreement period in order to help avert violent behavior among adults," party chairman Boaz Wachtel said in a statement handed out at the site.

Incidentally, I put an Ale Yarok bumper sticker on my dormroom wall when I was at Yeshiva in Israel, but one of the Rabbis took it down. A real reactionary.

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