Chutzpah Defined

chutz·pah also hutz·pah (KH?t'sp?, h?t'-)

Utter nerve; effrontery. "Chutzpah is when a boy is on trial for murdering his parents, and he begs of the judge leniency because he is an orphan." "Chutzpah is when the government nationalizes the health care system and then complains that many of the financial costs of obesity fall on taxpayers and on the general insurance-buying public, rather than on the obese individuals themselves." (See: Paul Krugman)

[Yiddish khutspe, from Mishnaic Hebrew h?us?pâ, from h??s?ap, to be insolent.]

See Cafe Hayek for more.

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Well said. How is it that

Well said.

How is it that that guy teaches economics at Princeton?