While we're on the topics of Orwell references and those separated at birth, frequent Catallarchy commenter Matt informs me that Christopher Hitchens had a little-known cameo in the latest Harry Potter movie.

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Thanks Micha- I've been

Thanks Micha- I've been begging JW to post this forever.

Nah, he doesn't look rat-ish

Nah, he doesn't look rat-ish at all. Of course, his professionally done PR/resume photo is going to hide this obvious fact, but, for example, watch him in a movie where he doesn't have all the makeup, like Marky Mark's 'Rock Star'. He still looks rat-like.

really? I don't even think

really? I don't even think that Tim Spall normally looks very rat-ish:


I think that if Hitch wore the same makeup, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart.


Chris looks nothing like Tim

Chris looks nothing like Tim Spall---who is the quintessential rat-like typecast. I keep looking at the picture, and I know that Hitchens looks like SOMEONE famous, but I just can't place it. But I can't say he reminds me of Spall and his rat-esque mug in the least. He sure does look evil though.