Our Mafia, The State

The line between government and mafia grows ever smaller, if it ever existed at all.

...Ojeda did not invent drug dealer taxing; the Mexican Mafia had been taxing inmates in California prison yards since the 1960s, said Duarte.

"A lot of them study the culture of Aztec history and [also] get the ideas from the Italian mafia," said Duarte. The Aztecs taxed surrounding communities, and the Italian mafia extorted protection money from merchants. ...

Ojeda also allegedly called for gangs to begin taxing the Mexican drug dealers operating in Latino neighborhoods, Valdemar said.

"He says: 'This is your neighborhood. You died for your neighborhood. They ought to pay to sell dope in your neighborhood. They ought to be taxed,' " said Valdemar. "He was the first to order the no-drive-by-shooting policy and the taxation."

But the gang truce was a ruse, a way of bending the fiercely independent street gangs to the Mexican Mafia's will, said Al Valdez, an investigator with the Orange County district attorney's office and author of a book on street gangs.

"Behind the scenes," Valdez said, "they were telling members to whack the guys who didn't pay tribute."

More source material for my long overdue Mafia! paper.

[Link via Libertarian Jackass]

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CF Chuck Tilly's essay

CF Chuck Tilly's essay "War-making and state-making as organized crime," of which an iffy scan is available at http://www.jesusradicals.com/library/tilly/warmaking.html. Also, Mancur Olson's discussion of stationary bandits vs. roving bandits in his last posthumous book.

I'm familiar with Olson, but

I'm familiar with Olson, but the Tilly thing is new. Thanks for link.