Introducing The Liberty Belles

Catallarchy is now hosting a sister blog, the Liberty Belles. Unlike some other blogs that will remain unmentioned, I can personally attest that the authors are actually who they say they are. Though they've only been blogging for a few days, already they have links and commentary on some great stuff - from McSweeney’s Do-It-Yourself Thomas Friedman column, to the Onion's parody of the precautionary principle, to Peggy Noonan's nonsensical support of PBS (which Anastasia finds somewhat persuasive, much to the chagrin of our friendly neigborhood curmudgeon).

Anastasia has a fresh take on the tyranny of mustard/paradox of choice argument:

Maybe we’ve gotten carried away with the “cough-suppressing, posture-correcting, wrinkle-reducing, memory-enhancing, antioxidant dental floss” (Schiff). But if Schiff and Schwartz follow their own advice, then their answer is less government, not more. We’ve grown so accustomed to someone else telling us what schools to send our kids to, what days of the week we can buy alcohol, what foods we can eat, and what experimental drugs we can consume during the last desperate throes of our terminal illnesses, that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves. When we don’t have to make choices, we forget how to make them.

Also be sure to check out Lea's takedown of "feebates," her theory on why so many women lean towards statism, and Maria's eloquent defense of federalism. Good readin'.

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"The public interest"? Who

"The public interest"? Who exactly is the public? Who judges what's in this "public's" interest, and how?

Like I said, at least as

Like I said, at least as long as we're passing stolen loot around.

basically, if you take my tax money, don’t use it to support my opposition.

You just got though saying it would be cool if such spending made your preferred elephants look good. The sentence is still warm.

objection. i don’t like


i don’t like government funding for stem cell research. but what i like even less is that i have absolutely no control over the tax money which is coerced out of my paycheck. if i’m going to be forced to surrender my cash, i should at least have recourse when the president tells me, "i have it on God’s authority that stem cell research is murder". i beg to differ.

wait, i’m not finished. i’ve already answered the pbs issue on liberty belles:

"If I could cut funds for PBS today, you’d even get a rebate check. I don’t remember some of the programs I’ve watched on PBS because I fell asleep, but I’m sure my taxes funded someone’s mentally masturbatory literary pretensions. I don’t deny that the market would weed out some of these duds, but so long as federal funding won’t go away, it is sensible to ensure it is being used to serve the public- not the private- interest.

And as Noonan points out, if public television stuck to public services and stayed out of partisan politics, “Conservative congressmen would find themselves in the unexpected and delightful position of being called friends of the arts”. That casts Republicans in favorable light before their constituents, and I’ll take an elephant over a donkey any day.”

basically, if you take my tax money, don’t use it to support my opposition.

Oy vey. "We don't mind you

Oy vey.

"We don't mind you holding the door for us. We just don't like government doing it."

Well a quick skim reveals that Anastasia (the most prolific poster to date) does like government funding of stem cell research and PBS for the public good, at least as long as we're passing stolen loot around.

You're too kind. Group hug?

You're too kind. Group hug?