The C-Bomb


There was a written example of why communism was both seen as
attractive and as a danger that very clearly explained both quite
succinctly someone brought up a while back. Oh, okay, found it.
_Dunn's Conundrum_. Character is a US Senator.

"Do you know what the C-bomb is, Walter? It's the
Commie-bomb. It works like this." Garvey shifted into a
pretty fair Spanish accent.

"'Hey, Pedro. Tired of that shit hole you're living in? Want
to give the kids three squares a day? Want to see your wife
in a sexy dress? Then come with us, vote with us, fight with
us -- we'll take it from the rich and give it to you.' That's
the C-bomb, Walter. Scares the pants off the establishment.
Most people in the world are peasants, remember. There are
billions of them, billions of people who have nothing. Hell,
we've been putting down other people's revolutions since
*before* there was a Soviet Union. What could we say to those
peasants that would have the same appeal?"

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