Name Dropping

Pace Jacob Lyle's anti-statist travel guide to the belly of the beast, there is no better place to be than Washington DC if you are a young libertarian.

In the span of less than one week, I've had lunch with Bryan Caplan, Tyler Cowen, and Robin Hanson, shook hands with Gordon Tullock (but was unable to slip him a silver dollar per his request), failed to entertain Jim Henley's five-year-old daughter, slept under the same roof as Will Wilkinson and Will Baude (who is working for the Institute for Justice over the summer), played poker with Tim Lee (and lost badly), sipped coffee with Julian Sanchez (from whose dining room table I am currently writing), made some snarky remarks with Ronald Bailey about Leon Kass, eavesdropped in on a conversation between Nick Gillespie and Cathy Young (who reminds me of a less crazy version of Ayn Rand, and who, I learn, has a curious and slightly disturbing hobby), and made fun of Stephen Pinker's hair for its similarity to Michael Bolton's, - in person but not to his face. Unfortunately, I missed going out to lunch after the AEI conference, where Wilkinson, Gillespie and Bailey broke bread with Pinker.

Still on the agenda: I need to meet Radley Balko, Andrew Chamberlain, Gene Healy, Tom Palmer, Jacob Sullum, Don Boudreaux, and James Buchanan's Nobel.

Separated at birth?
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I knew you when. ;)

I knew you when. ;)

And I hear Scott Scheule was

And I hear Scott Scheule was kind enough to spare you a few moments.

I'd rather be in Hong Kong myself.