Wal-Mart Pays

Wal-mart has agreed to pay an $11 million dollar settlement to the federal government for using contractors that hired illegal immigrants.

In October 2003, federal agents raided about 60 Wal-Mart stores in 21 states and arrested about 245 illegal aliens employed by contractors. The states included Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan and Texas. Following the raids, Wal-Mart contacted federal authorities to cooperate in the investigation.

The companies that agreed to forfeit profits included Comet Floor Care Associates in Belleville, Illinois; IMC Associates Inc. in Ferguson, Illinois and World Clean Associates in St. Louis. An attorney for the 12 cleaning contractors, Jeffrey Demerath, declined to comment through an assistant.

A quote that caught my eye:

Many of the janitors — from Mexico, Russia, Mongolia, Poland and a host of other nations — worked seven days or nights a week without overtime pay or injury compensation, said attorney James L. Linsey. Those who worked nights were often locked in the store until the morning, Linsey said.

We're happy that Wal-Mart may finally be putting this shameful chapter to rest with the federal authorities and we expect them not to focus on the people who were shamefully exploited from around the world," said Linsey, who is representing the workers in a civil suit against the company that is still pending in New Jersey.

Now the workers themselves are suing Wal-mart?

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The only thing shameful here

The only thing shameful here is the anti-immigration laws and the people who support them.

And why is it only Walmart and the contractors that are punished for their part in breaking immigration laws? Why don't we ever hear of immigrants or U.S. citizens who agree to work for below minimum wages being punished for violating labor laws? Inconsistency, anyone?

I can think of a few other

I can think of a few other shameful things here:

- existing workers who seek to monopolize the labor market and keep illegals out
- the illegals who are trying to sue Wal-mart (if I'm reading the quote correctly) after Wal-mart was willing to hire them (via contractors)
- the lawyers who are using the case the line their own pockets with an extortionate payoff which in the end gets payed by consumers

How do you lock workers into

How do you lock workers into a store that is OPEN 24 hours a day?