Teenage Wasteland

Jacob Lyles on the new single from Nine Inch Nails' forthcoming album:

[A]ngry rock music is about change. It breeds disatisfaction and chaos. It is amazing that this radical kind of music is perpetuated in society today, though it may rise and fall in popularity. It makes me feel safe to know that people still share these emotions and views. As long as the forces of change and rebellion remain waiting beneath the surface of society no social evil can enslave the human race indefinitely, no power-hungry dictator can rest safely in power, no oppressive institution is perpetual. The worship of change for change's sake is perilous to authority, both helpful and harmful; but despite its drawbacks it remains as a necessary safety valve.

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I'm skeptical. there's been

I'm skeptical. there's been plenty of rock music the last few decades, and I don't see the authority of the welfare state looking too scared. (patri, posting from his phone - technology rules!)

I was a "punker" back in the

I was a "punker" back in the 80s. That's when my love affair with individuality began. Here's my tongue-in-cheek bio post on this topic.

No. Change for the sake of

No. Change for the sake of change is not inherently good, and even if it were that wouldn't change the fact that Trent Reznor still sucks.

9" Nails: Old and in the

9" Nails: Old and in the way.

What, there's another

What, there's another depression, another bush in the white house, and pop has burned out. It's time for kickass industrial music again.