Sign of The Apocalypse?

Alternatively titled: Have I Got Nukes For You!

On Thursday, March 17 at 7:00 PM in the Manufacturing Research Center
(MaRC) Auditorium, Students of Objectivism at Georgia Tech will present:

"Why We Are Losing the War"

A lecture by Dr. Yaron Brook, Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute

This talk explores why the September 11 attacks happened, and whether or not we are effectively dealing with future terrorist threats. Dr. Brook discusses the history of appeasement that led to the attacks, and our ongoing failure to name our enemies and deal with them decisively. In conclusion, Dr. Brook discusses not only what needs to be done militarily, but more fundamentally, the philosophical shift that must occur for the war on terrorism to succeed.

The talk will be free and open to the public.

William Raspberry gives Brook and ARI a Razzie for best classical liberal in a bloodthirsty, warmongering role:

If Brook and the Ayn Rand Institute hadn't been around for so long, I'd be tempted to think Karl Rove invented them to make the Bush administration seem temperate and humane by contrast.

If so, it really wasn't necessary. Even those of us who thought President Bush made a hideous moral and military blunder in launching the war are largely sympathetic to the way he is conducting the aftermath -- not because it is particularly successful but because we can't think of anything better.

This should be a fun talk. Too bad Georgia Tech doesn't have a vocal anti-war contingent.

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Sweet! I'm in the

Sweet! I'm in the neighborhood, so I'll try to make it.

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Too bad Georgia Tech

Too bad Georgia Tech doesn’t have a vocal anti-war contingent.

As a Tech graduate ('83), it's my experience that Tech is one of the most politically apathetic campuses on the planet. Unfortunate, because many engineers have an innate sense of which systems work and which don't.

I plan to be there, as well

I plan to be there, as well as a couple other anti-war objectivists. I know it would be futile to try to argue with and show the bloodthirsty ARI leader the error of his ways, especially when he has a mike and the audience doesn't. However, I am hoping it will be a good opportunity to find others who also disagree with taking a philosophy embracing rationality and non-initiation of force, and somehow perverting it to promote targetting civilians and turning cities into dust.

Steve, it's still the most

Steve, it's still the most apathetic campus I've ever heard of. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean less people for me to argue with. :cry2:

Maybe I should bring a sign or something since so many Catallarchy readers are going to be there. (Randall won't, though; he is going to the Austrian Scholars Conference this weekend.)