Jugglers and Face-painters

What do Deadwood, The Aristrocrats, the Oscars, and nanny-state meddlers have in common? Frank Rich makes the connection, and in the process gives passionate praise to the greatest show in television history. [via Will Wilkinson]

If you can see only one of the shows that he wants to banish or launder, let me recommend the series that probably has more four-letter words, with or without participles, than any in TV history. That would be "Deadwood" on HBO. Its linguistic gait befits its chapter of American history, the story of a gold-rush mining camp in the Dakota Territory of the late 1870's. "Deadwood" is the back story of a joke like "The Aristocrats" and of everything else that is joyously vulgar in American culture and that our new Puritans want to stamp out. It's the ur-text of Vegas and hip-hop and pulp fiction. It captures with Boschian relish what freedom, by turns cruel and comic and exhilarating, looked and sounded like at full throttle in frontier America before anyone got around to building churches or a government.

And don't the kid in all of us look forward to the new arrival. I still tingle at the bottom of my balls. Who could be coming? President Hayes? Maybe it's jugglers, or face-painters.

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Best show on tv.

Best show on tv.

That one's goin' on my must

That one's goin' on my must see list.

The list is exceedingly short.

There is one problem with

There is one problem with Deadwood. People did not use the cuss words that they use in Deadfood. At least one of em' used was not even considered bad at the time. They do some times go for a swearfest ala Southpark when the plot gets a bit thin.

The show is alright. I

The show is alright. I still perfer Queer as Folk. :beatnik: