No Possible Analogue?

Glen Whitman believes that all abortion analogies fail. That sounds like a challenge!

I've been saving the following abortion analogy for a while now, but have not yet felt a need to use it. Please feel free to do with it as you please, either pro or con, and let us know if you can create a situation that satisfies all of Glen's objections and avoids any other important distinctions.

I'm thinking of that lovable 80s comedy, Innerspace, in which a miniaturization experiment goes horribly wrong and a (male) test pilot with a 24 hour oxygen supply is accidentally injected into a (male) hypochondriac. Can this basic story line be made sufficiently comparable to abortion by playing around with the details? In a case of rape, we could say that the test pilot was injected against the host's knowledge and will. Or, alternatively, the host knowingly took a risk with the knowledge that his actions could lead to the injection of another person inside of him. Or maybe the host took reasonable precautions but those precautions failed. Of course, this still leaves open the question of whether or not the test pilot deserves personhood and all of the rights that entails...

Speaking of reverse gender stereotype abortion analogies, in the DVD-extras for the original Ridley Scott Alien in the massive 9-disc Quadrilogy set, one of the writers talks about how he intentionally chose a male character for the infamous chest-bursting scene [link not for the squeamish], as it gives the uncomfortable and unexpected effect of a man dying from child birth.


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Perhaps I should have said

Perhaps I should have said that every "typical, real-world" analogy fails. It's certainly possible to construct bizarre hypotheticals and sci-fi scenarios that duplicate all features of the abortion situation. But in those cases, I contend, the correct decision will be as difficult to reach as in the abortion case. To find the correct decision in your "Inner Space" case, we'd probably appeal to the very same analogies that I found wanting as analogues for the abortion case.