Blogging while high deep thoughts

everytime someone says some stupid story, say, What the fuck? Wer'e talking anarchy here!!!

clapper controls lights and computer, and your loud song contains clapping sound 1 hour in to the cd. You fall aspleep, and about 45 minutes in, when you are in R.E.M, your friends comes outside the door

superfluous plot devices

everyfucking word fucking word that comes out of my mouth, is fucking hilrious. It's a recurssive loop! how will we ever stop it!

necessary means for a necessary means for a higher education

copy and paste, no typing with rave gloves on fingers!

what are these bumps under my eyelids, doctor? those are yours nipples, miss!

thats the best line in this post, so if that didn't make you laugh, no need to continue reading

now your going to have piecerce somethelse to makeup for it

german conferederate from alabama

im gonna post that anonymously! you'll never know if it was micha or if it was randall!

what were just saying the sentence before that

researching the gold standard, very small percent of the people control the gold

ze ceory oof pryvtoot praupourty

its supposed to be phonetic, whatever, youll remember tomorow

silver holds gold 15 to1; its much harder to monopolize


what has government done to our money


economics in one lesson, awseome very good

strictly about austrian money

cats in heat, cats fucking. a fucking cat orgy cat nip, wines, snorting catnap, south park

we need to get this kid a voice recorder,

this blowupdoll is not as fun as advertized , dirty work

now thats fucking reporting, im getting his private phone conversation on the blog.

randall says dont post that now, just sit on for a minute

(he's scared he'll lose his precious job working for the man, the authority, the government, the enemy, the law, the fucking state,

randall says i don't know if that will fly with the politically correct catallarchy crew

this whole post wont fly on a serious blog, thats what randall meant, he assured me

fuck you motherfucker, you just poored an entire bottle of water on my jacket

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