Kids Need Freedom

If anyone is interested in casting parts for a libertarian family sitcom, look no further than d and Tom and their two wonderful children. And you don't even need to hire script writers.

Here are a few episode ideas:

When Libertarian Lawyers Breed

Sometimes when our [six-year-old] daughter is really pissed off, she will write a note on a post-it and leave it for us to find. For example, once she left an "I HATE MATH!" note on her bedroom floor, and another time I found an "I will not forgive you EVER!!!" on my dresser...

Last night Jade endured back to back Time Out (as did we--it was holding up an already late dinner)... After dinner, however, when Bell was cleaning up in the dining room he found [a note that] says, "You owe me restitotion [sic]." Restitution! My first thoughts were "She's her daddy's girl!" followed by "and since when did she start reading Randy Barnett?" And finally, "we must challenge this outrageous claim!"

Or how about this one?

"What should I wish for?" came a quiet little voice. It was Sydney, who looks like an older Cindy-Lou Who with long blonde spiral curls.

"Well, what's something you really want? It could be anything." I said...

Then she looked at me, those big blue eyes unblinking. "What about freedom? Can I wish for that?" she asked.

"Can't we all? Shouldn't we all?" I thought in the cartoon bubble above my head. Instead I said, "YES! That's a good one. You should put that one."

As I smiled lovingly at her, hoping she would be flattered enough to write down a wish for freedom, the boy who wanted the robiot interrupted, "You can't put that! We already have that." I wanted to kick him under the table...

"Yes, but we could always use a little bit more, don't you think? Aren't you at all concerned about the property rights of homeowners or the protection of our economic liberties???" It was the cartoon bubble over my head again.

Before I could go on, she perked up and declared, "I know!" Then she wrote "I WISH TO BE PRESIDENT."

"Well," I thought, "good for her. At least her wish is more likely to come true than mine."

Hmm. Maybe I'll trying using the "want to start our own little libertarian eugenics project?" pick-up line at the next big libertarian get-together. Here's to hoping it works for all the right reasons.

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Poilitical ideology is

Poilitical ideology is genetic?

I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a genetic component.

Scott, There go any chances


There go any chances you had of becoming the president of Harvard!