Ideological Defense Systems

Julian Sanchez notices how bloggers can be just as susceptible to self-reinforcing memes as Freudians and Marxists.

The blogosphere's self-congratulatory atmosphere threatens to become as toxic as it is intoxicating, shutting down the very openness to criticism that is its chief strength.

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And as Rush Limbaugh often

And as Rush Limbaugh often advises: "I don't want to get rid of all liberals. Rather, I want to keep a few around, on college campuses, just to remind the world of who they are and what they stand for."

The best way to beat the other side is to let them embarass themselves. Once we call for the firing of some individual it seems as if we're afraid, as if we think that individual's arguments actually have some merit. If they're worthless arguments, as it seems to me Churchill's were, then all the more reason to keep him around. It is the radical left who should fear Churchill, not the right.

I disagree. One would think

I disagree. One would think that the Ward Churchill thing would have been the same, where a bunch of right-wing bloggers would have come down hard and demanded his firing.

Don't get me wrong, there was quite a bit of that. But at the same time, there were right-wingers like myself who don't advocate firing him over an academic freedom issue. We've seen enough of our own side get nailed that way that we don't want it to become a tit for tat thing.

I like weblogs that always

I like weblogs that always support their ideological bretheren.