Libertarian Girl Mystery

Ever since she began blogging, people accused Libertarian Girl of being a fraud. Her critics claimed that a libertarian blog run by a young, attractive female is too good to be true, and that the author is probably just a guy desperate for attention. In her defense, LG called these critics sexist for assuming that just because she's a libertarian wonk, she can't also be an attractive young female. No one ever accuses purportedly male libertarian bloggers of being women in real life.

I've reserved judgement until now, but something is beginning to smell fishy. Wazoo turned my attention to this personal ad on a mail-order bride website, containing a photo of "Viktoriya," who shares a striking resemblance to Libertarian Girl.

Possible theories:

  • Did one of LG's enemies set up a fake profile on the Russian mail-order bride website in order to make LG look like a fraud?
  • Did LG nab the photo from the Russian website in order to create a fake online identity and attract lots of horny male libertarians?
  • Are LG and Viktoriya identical twin sisters, separated at birth, with the same taste in clothes, watches, and hairstyles?
  • Are LG and Viktoriya the very same person, but with two different alter egos: D.C. policy wonk by day, desperate Ukrainian bachelorette by night?

Personally, I'm leaning more toward to the twin sister angle - not because I find it to be the most plausible theory, but because it would make for a much better Lifetime Original Movie than the alternatives, with maybe some lesbian incest thrown in for good measure.

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For the record, I'm not

For the record, I'm not Libertarian Girl.

Nevertheless, the deal

Nevertheless, the deal between the Department of Defense and Halliburton unit Kellogg, Brown & Root brings about the theocrat Ashcroft's suspension of our civil rights. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the influence of Leo Strauss leads our attention to a humanitarian disaster of unimaginable scale. It is not heartening that the pro-Sharon neoconservative cabal belies justifications given by the world's leading apologists for an act of international violence that exceeds even those of the "liberal" Bill Clinton. Perhaps for the first time since the late 1940s, Bush’s argument for war can be seen in the light of the apparent fabrications which lead to the result of a pre-fascist atmosphere in America.

And is

And is actually outsourced to an eigh-year old Vietmanamese girl.
It seems increasingly likely that the much-ballyhooed "Libertarian Girl" is a hoax. More on that later. In the meantime, Jacob...

[...] rian Girl is not a

[...] rian Girl is not a girl (and we knew she wasn’t Libertarian) has someone named Bob D accusing me of being her. While I’m flattered that [...]

It's "Hot Abercrombie Chick"

It's "Hot Abercrombie Chick" all over again, except this guy is embracing his outing instead of continuing to lie about it.

To all you desperate

To all you desperate libertarian guys who agreed with and/or made arguments in favour of LG's idiotic breast tax nonsense just cause you wanted to be agreeble with a pretty libertarian girl, I have only to say..........For shame.

Sidebar deceptions Like most

Sidebar deceptions
Like most geeky libertarian policy guys, I had big plans for this Valentine's Day: curling up on the couch with a cheap bottle of wine, a big bag full of Oreos, and the archives of the Libertarian Girl weblog. Alas, Catallarchy's Micha Ghertner has r...

Libertarian Girl

Libertarian Girl Guy
Catallarchy exposed the scam of the Libertarian Girl blog. Who is the Libertarian Girl (LG)? LG is a two month old blog notable for the youth and beauty of its supposed proprietor, and the seemingly incongruent maturity of its topics....

[...] om on Monday,

[...] om on Monday, February 14, 2005 @ 1:43 am
Filed under: humor/amusement

See here and here.

Commen [...]

[...] urns out Libertarian

[...] urns out Libertarian Girl is a total hoax! Catallarchy totally busts “her", and has the scoop on this hoax: I’ve reserved judgement until now, but somet [...]

[...] ackground, an

[...] ackground, an obligatory blonde headshot and scandalous pillow talk. Ack, where to begin disspelling that. Even though our androgynous amigo was the new kid on [...]

The MUSC Tiger Has a New

The MUSC Tiger Has a New Author
In light of current blogosphere events exposed by Catallarchy, I have added a new author to The MUSC Tiger.

Check her out:

Read more about our new "Wild" author. Look for her to provide intriguing commentary on all things travel.

(h/t Joe...

Mr. Ex-Libertarian Girl

Mr. Ex-Libertarian Girl claims the person on the new photo on his blog is "[n]ot the real me, but closer to the real me than the last picture". Whatever the case may be, further investigative work by yours truly has revealed that the person on the new photo is called "Dave Saindon" (a.k.a. "Squirrel"), who is the Manager of the "Mile High Comics" store in Lakewood, Colorado.

Dave the 1st Loser of the famous Jim Lee Poker Game
Dave holding a way cool 1950's psychodelic Jemez vase.

Lakewood Store
Take a look inside!
98 Wadsworth Blvd
Corner Unit Lakewood, CO
(303) 238-8125
Store Hours
Sunday 12noon-5pm
Monday and Tuesday 11am-6pm
Wednesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

God, I have too much time on my hands.

Damn, Wazoo, we should hire

Damn, Wazoo, we should hire you as our resident research dude.

On the other hand, it is

On the other hand, it is more probable that he may simply have been searching for a picture of some 30-something loser, beacuse that photo is on the first page of a Google image search for the word "loser".

How did you reverse image

How did you reverse image search these two pictures? Tell us your secret!

Grrr.... In a recent post, I

In a recent post, I linked to a blog called Libertarian Girl, mainly to quote a commenter named austroblogger. I don't plan on linking to her much more, because I found out via InstaPundit that she is a he.

That ticks me off. A lot. I hate liars. ...

Public Statement I am not

Public Statement
I am not now, nor have I ever been, an acrobat. [Update: The mysterious Fey Accompli vouches for my authenticity. Now, regarding the Libertarian Girl debacle, it may be that I know all of the extremely attractive libertarian women in...

Following in Mary Rosh?s

Following in Mary Rosh?s footsteps

There has been a flurry of bloggers pretending to be females. Via Jason Soon
we have the exposure of Liberterian
Girl, who was actually a guy. Another faker recently exposed was
Abercrombie Chick. And the winner of the NetGuide award for Be...

Oddly enough, the exact same

Oddly enough, the exact same thing happened to me when investigating the HAC:

People actually accused me of planting the profile on The difference with the HAC hoax was all the other evidence pointing to Daniel Zeigenbein that Cameron and I had previously uncovered.

Morning Roundup: Rent and

Morning Roundup: Rent and Russian Brides Edition
(Photo from Ambivalent Images, who took this photo of this interesting sign near the Braddock Road metrorail station.) District News Medley: Lots of District news this morning, courtesy the Post: ... First up, the District says that it has struck a de...

Libertarian Girl Guy A while

Libertarian Girl Guy
A while back, a blogger blogging as Libertarian Girl, turned out to be a middle-aged guy. Photo evidence popped up here.
This got me thinking, though. We alre...

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As February draws to a close, we at DCist pause to reflect upon how our brethren in the politically-oriented blogosphere spent another month in the zeitgeist. From the scalping of Eason Jordan and the outing of Jeff Gannon, to the victory lap being ta...


Yes, that's a new photo on the left. Thanks to Mark Jaquith, my web guru, for putting it up and thanks to Maureen Walsh for taking the shot. And yes, it's really me. No Libertarian Girl or Hot Abercrombie Chick...

Love these Links I've been

Love these Links
I've been very busy this week. I'm not sure what's keeping me so busy, but I just haven't had time to be as current and opinionated with current events. But here's some great things that other people are talking about:...

[...] d, here are some

[...] d, here are some recent photos of the attending crew, as honest & true as your average Libertarian Girl, we promise: Jonathan Wilde Brian W. Doss Dave M [...]

would you hot girl marrie me

would you hot girl marrie me my name is Scott Berman

Allrighty...well all this is

Allrighty...well all this is so interesting but haven't you heard of The Ladies of Liberty? We are real and you've already seen us...

Is Kelo a Victory for

Is Kelo a Victory for Federalism?
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