That It Is

I really have been paying attention to the details of the Social Security debate -- honest, I have -- but this morning I received a shock. I had been planning to withdraw all the money from my private personal account on the day of my retirement and buy a boat. But according to the lead editorial in this morning's Times, "the White House wants to require new retirees to use their private accounts to buy annuities large enough to keep them above the poverty line for the rest of their lives". What? No boat? I thought this was supposed to be my money. And now here comes the Nanny state, forcing me to save for my old age. It's socialism, I say.

-- David Velleman

Since David has problems with the nannying and socialism in Bush's plan, I conclude that he has even bigger problems with the status quo of an even greater degree of nannying and socialism, and further that he would like to completely eviscerate the Nanny state and socialism.

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