Tomato Cartel

Be sure to read Radley Balko's column from last week on the plight of Uglyripe tomatoes grown by the Procacci brothers of Florida. Perhaps the most outrageous quote is from Florida Tomato Committee manager Reggie Brown.

If you allowed the producers of UglyRipe to ship any quality of tomato, then how could you justify not allowing any quality tomato into the market place?

Here "quality" refers neither to safety nor taste but rather to appearance. Apparently Brown thinks its the job of the "Florida Tomato Committee" to decide which vegetables are too ugly for consumers to even consider buying. This is simply more evidence for the fact that behind every measure enacted to "protect" consumers is a special interest group desiring to form a cartel backed by the government in order to protect entrenched market participants at the expense of new entrants and consumers. Remember that the next time "consumer advocate" Ralph Nader opens his mouth.

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I'm surprised potatoes are

I'm surprised potatoes are still legal in Florida. Those things are seriously ugly.

I bought an uglyripe tomato

I bought an uglyripe tomato just because it looked cool. And I bought it at.....Wal-Mart. Does that make me an enemy of the people?

Remember it also the next

Remember it also the next time a pseudo-libertoid claims that such regulations are motivated by "anti-business" sentiment, or that big business is an "oppressed minority." As Roy Childs said, liberal intellectuals have been the running dogs for big business.