It\'s a Wonderful Life

Scott Scheule has rediscovered the true meaning of Christmas:

I was having a breakdown, pacing around my room. What am I supposed to be doing? Do I try to become some kind of scholar? Am I in the right school? The right field? What do I want out of life? I smoked my pipe, stared at the wall, thought about the corporate law professor, and then it hit me--I've forgotten the true meaning of Christmas!

Money! It was always about money! How had I managed to forget that? I never had any huge social scheme to bring to law school! I was never trying to change the world, no illusions of moving for social justice. No! I came for the money, and I was damned proud of it! I want a nice car, sharp clothes, a lovely wife, well-educated kids and a huge house! Dealing with all these liberals everday, preaching about what's wrong with the world and the institutions and capitalism, had put me on the defensive, had fooled me into thinking I actually cared about the plight of the electorate. But that's not why I came to law school at all! I came with one beautiful selfless goal: the defense of gigantic soulless corporations, and damned if anyone's going to stand in my way.

Also check out Scott's other blog, where I found this gem:

Absolute anything is bad; therefore so is absolute capitalism.

I usually respond with: "Would absolutely getting rid of AIDS be a bad thing?" This typically leads to a thoughtful pause by the questioner, followed in time by the response: "Well, it would probably be better to keep a small amount of AIDS around, in case we needed to study it in the future, or could find a use for it." That's fair enough, and so I reply, "I have no problem keeping a small amount of socialism around for further study, or in case we can find a use for it. ..."

Update: Damn, found another one:

I suppose what we do is create some other crazy extreme so far removed from anything that anarchy ends up seeming like the happy medium compromise. I think I can do this, though I'm a little tipsy. All right, my new political philosophy is "Anarcho-Moon-Blowing-Up-ism." Let's say we've now got three groups. We've got the anarchists, the pro-governmentalists, and the crazy anarchists who not only want no government, but they want to blow up the friggin' moon. Whoa! What's this? All of the sudden, anarchy is the moderate, centrist position. At debates people are always yelling at us, calling us spineless; "Take a stand you gutless wimps! Either say you want government, or you want no government and you want to blow up the moon!"
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Haha! Micha, many thanks

Haha! Micha, many thanks for the publicity.

Catallarchy is by the same token, littered with countless gems all its own.


Ha ha! Rock on Scott. Your

Ha ha! Rock on Scott. Your fifteen page-views of semi-fame.


The Venus Belt, L Neil

The Venus Belt, L Neil Smith.
Smith is a Libertarian. He was even the Libertarian presidential nominee in arizona in 2000 when some splinter group siezed control for awhile.
He's a good writer, has a blog, plays guitar, makes micha look moderate.

I'm going to file that one

I'm going to file that one away. I have actually encountered a few people who consider the pure-anything-is-bad reasoning to be a serious argument against unfettered free markets.

Yeah, great blog, dude -

Yeah, great blog, dude - even if you are a filthy Landsburg-lover! :wink: :kiss:

Haha. Thanks! I suppose

Haha. Thanks!

I suppose what I like about Landsburg is his ability to make economics accessible and exciting, but as to how flawed his arguments are, I'm sure you know better than I.