No Agitation at work

No, this isn't a substantive post about not being able to organize or mess with your bosses. It's more mundane-

Radley Balko's blog is blocked at my work.

Now, I don't precisely know what he may or may not have done to incur the wrath of the [Quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization] corporate web monitors, but in the meantime I see lots of new posts up and am unable to read more than just a few sentences from the aggregator. Curses!

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Could have been that your

Could have been that your RSS reader was pulling enough bandwidth to tip off the boss. There have been stories about this kind of thing recently.

Boing Boing: Badly behaved RSS readers gobble bandwidth
EWeek: RSS Comes with Bandwidth Price Tag

Perhaps you should stick to your browser from now on when at work.

I swear I did not use any

I swear I did not use any bad words in any of my guest posts. So it isn't that. (Apparently airport wifi filters block my own blog because of my potty mouth.)

You don't suppose it's Pete Guither's drug war posts, do you? Try his own blog at and see if it gets through.

Ben- I was referring to the


I was referring to the Catallarchy New Aggregator on the sidebar. Normally I read with the normal browser, so I don't think that's it.


I suspect, too, that its the drug war stuff, although the name might be part of it too (some lazy IT guy decides that "agitator" or any cognate word = bad/political and blocks it, though if you were looking to fix your washing machine, you'd be hosed).

If you can talk Balko into

If you can talk Balko into making a full content feed available, we can set the aggregator to use it. Won't help with comments though.