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Jewschool has been on a roll lately. Here are a few of my favorite posts.

Advances in Biblical hermeneutics:

Just because Bible guys lived thousands of years ago, doesn't mean some of them weren't hot as hell, says a biblical scholar.

"I've spent my life studying the men who lived during both Old and New Testament times," says Judith Stanley, author of the renowned book Guide To Holy Hunks. "By reading between the lines, it's become clear to me who was sexy and attractive and who was fat and ugly." Stanley shares her findings with Weekly World News readers.

Markets in everything:

The Hebrew reads, "Is Your Wife 50? Throw away the old bag and take a young Russian babe!" Not what one might expect from the Holy Land.

But don't get the wrong idea - if you think Israeli society is overly permissive, it has its share of billboard prudes as well:

A poster and billboard campaign showing the ``Sex and the City'' actress in a skimpy, sequined dress was quickly replaced with new ads of her in a dress that covered her arms, back and thigh, reportedly after ultra-Orthodox consumers objected to her outfit.

The sexy ads promoting Lux soaps had begun appearing on billboards across the country in recent days. But after an angry phone call from a prominent rabbi, the consumer goods giant Unilever quickly gave Parker a more modest wardrobe, the Haaretz daily reported.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who require women to dress modestly, account for roughly 10 percent of the Israeli population, making them a sizable market for local Unilever products.

A spokesman for Unilever Israel said Wednesday the wardrobe was altered - just days after the posters first appeared - to be more suitable for the arrival of winter in Israel.

``The winter came suddenly. Last week it was summer. Now it's rainy and cold. Everyone has the flu,'' said the spokesman, who declined to give his name.

And to get in the holiday spirit, while remaining in touch with your geeky computer-lovin' habits, here's the always amusing Shabot6000:

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I have been reading em' for

I have been reading em' for quite a while now. Quite often very informative and rather amusing as well.

That post was worthy of a

That post was worthy of a handjob.