Tofu Turkey?

Why do ethical vegans support fake meat products? PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk calls Tofu Turkey a "PETA fave and a lifesaver for real turkeys." Isn't this kind of like Focus On the Family calling computer generated child pornography a "FOTF fave and lifesaver for real children"? If turkeys are people too, then tofu turkey is simulated cannibalism.

[link via Instapundit]

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"If turkeys are people

"If turkeys are people too..."

No, Micha, the problem is that people are turkeys!


Because "tofu turkey" has

Because "tofu turkey" has nothing to do with turkey. It's molded tofu. CG porn is still in essence sexual.

I agree with Micha. Either

I agree with Micha. Either meat is important or it isn't. If they want turkey consumption to go away, they need to propose good alternatives, not tofu.

It's not like peta or

It's not like peta or anybody is encouraging people who are already
vegetarians to eat more simulated corpses. It's a transitional thing,
where those of us who aren't canibals are interacting with family members and friends who are, and this is an odd little compromise.
It would be interesting to see how imitation human meat would do in the marketplace, but most stores wouldn't want to carry it.

What's wrong with simulated

What's wrong with simulated cannibalism? And where can I find Tofu Human? :)

Not only that, but if most

Not only that, but if most people switch from eating real turkeys to alternatives then there will be a lot fewer turkeys to have lives at all (shortened thought they may be).

It may not be the position

It may not be the position of FOTF that computer generated child pornography is a lifesaver for real children, but it should be. If you want to do something but can't square it with your ethical principles, then simulation is the obvious answer. Perfect simulation should be a libertarian ideal; people have the freedom to realize more of their volition, whether that entails eating turkey, shagging sheep or ritual cannibalism, without raising any troublesome questions of coercion.

The actually tasty

The actually tasty alternative to "tofu turkey," by the way, is Celebration Roast ( My meat-eating family fights over this stuff even when there is real turkey available.

"Tofu Human." ROFL. :lol: